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List of Lending TVL at #6 with 1.15Bn at the back of aave (14 bn), compound, anchor, venus, cream

Fact of the matter is, BENQI is one of these special projects that come around once in a while. It's set to end up tons large as evidenced through its astounding TVL numbers.

It's almost scary how fast BENQI is growing. It basically reached $2 Billion in TVL, in only 2 weeks. Imagine that!

And $153 Million of that TVL determine was completed in only 2 days. It's remarkable how it has a lot support notwithstanding being notably new in the marketplace.

You realize, at this point BENQI had extra TVL than Fantom, Cosmos Hub, Tezos, Neo, Algorand, Cardano, Polkadot, Optimism, and Arbitrum COMBINED.

Amazing. Just wow. That's pretty the choices fulfillment. BENQI is becoming quite the household name.

I imply, I knew BENQI turned into large, simply didn't know it become this large in this sort of brief space of time. It's exciting to peer how far the choices increase run will take us.

I'm going to be retaining my QI stack nevertheless. Good things are on the choices horizon, I can basically odor that within the air.

I might should head to KuCoin to seize a few QI too. With such unbridled boom being showcased, I don't need to overlook the choices train.

As BENQI continues to grow and deepens its software, its governance token QI is going to skyrocket in cost. You can bet on that.

BENQI has greater TVL than Fantom, Cosmos Hub, Tezos, NEO, Algorand, Cardano, Polkadot, Optimism & Arbitrum COMBINED🤯

$QI is a governance token with market cap of $45 Million

I marvel what might show up if there has been an offer to have a small % rate on that TVL to shop for and 🔥 $QI 🤔