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A 6-factor harmonacci retracement pattern which precedes large marketplace movements.

The three drives sample signals that the marketplace is exhausted and a reversal is possibly to take location.

Custom implementation of the choices famous super trend indicator, with scanner, dashboard and alerts.

This indicator analyzes rate movement patterns and lets you make fantastic fairness selections within the binary options market.

Monitoring the choices critical constants of your buying and selling account has never been simpler! Keep your trading account healthy with this device.

This indicator measures of ways special securities move on the subject of every other, making portfolio control easier.

This indicator calculates how a great deal has a image received or misplaced in percent phrases at some stage in a period of time.

This indicator evaluates the marketplace sentiment using uncooked rate action measurements, and it’s miles an excellent trading confirmation.

An indicator implementation of the unique Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhart buying and selling gadget, referred to as the Turtle Trader.

Unique, smooth and responsive accelerometer which famous the marketplace trend and power.

Tired of plotting trendlines? This indicator applies a mechanical approach to the choices construction of trendlines.

Looking for a top-high-quality pivot points indicator? This indicator calculates and displays pivot points for you.

A multi-time frame indicator designed to discover overbought and oversold rate regions, the use of a moving average and ATR.

A multi-time-frame indicator designed to perceive flat markets, charge spikes and cycles in marketplace movement.

Amazing indicator that shows information approximately the choices contemporary price costs obtained from the choices broker, in a visual fashion.

This indicator implements a chart-based totally tick chart with non-compulsory shifting averages, just like specialists adore it.

This indicator factors feasible charge reversals using fractals and breakouts. A notable addition to any chart.

This indicator suggests the rate density through the years, outlining the choices most vital fee ranges of every each day trading session.

This indicator identifies the market tendency to change within a price band, locating oversold and overbought factors.

This indicator detects inside bars of several tiers and indicators the breakout while the marketplace course is understood.

This indicator detects sandwich bars of several tiers, a very dependable breakout pattern based on fee movement.

A easy yet very beneficial indicator which highlights the short-time period directionality and energy of the choices market.

This indicator presentations simple buy or sell alerts consistent with Bill Williams definition of buying and selling in the area.

Vectorial indicator which detects if the choices market is accelerating or decelerating, and in which route.

Stop switching timeframes! This indicator overlays the choices price movement of numerous timeframes on the equal chart.

Fantastic automatic scanner which unearths those instruments imparting the choices most volatility and efficient fee motion. It unearths what to exchange.

This indicator creates a candlestick chart plotting the rate of one instrument measured towards every other.

This indicator reveals megaphone reversal patterns and implements signals of a wide variety.

This indicator connects past rate points creating diagonals, which could converge inside the destiny to create reversal points.

General motive indicator that shows coloured lines at fixed rate durations. Implements customizable colorations and sizes.

This indicator displays fibonacci retracements or extensions routinely, calculated from two exclusive rate factors.

Simple indicator that implements the choices better high, higher near, lower low, lower close fashion confirmation principle.

Custom implementation of the bollinger bands indicator as a trend following mechanism, with signals of a wide variety.

This indicator plots an average-reversion chart using a transferring average, keeping apart us from fluctuating foreign money values.

A personal implementation of the famous TDI indicator over a wide array of oscillators to discover oversold and overbought tiers.

This indicator implements the choices good judgment behind Traders Dynamic Index to the traditional MACD Indicator to locate meaningful trend changes.


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