Filegetcontents failed to enable crypto

filegetcontents failed to enable

I’m building a private stock platform (not distributed). A element I would love to have is the choices EPS graph in this web page:

As you can see, the choices page is https, so after days of hammering things out, I enabled openssl and now it appears to paintings for all https pages inclusive of the homepages of fb and twitter, however it’s far still now not running for the only I want.

I’m getting the choices caution:

The only difference I can see is that the choices constancy web page has a triangle close to the https label.

Ok I actually have found an answer. The problem is that the choices web site uses SSLv3. And I understand that there are some issues inside the openssl module. Some time in the past I had the same hassle with the choices SSL versions.

When you put the SSL Version with curl to v3 then it really works.

Another problem beneath Windows is that you don’t have access to the certificate. So placed the root certificate without delay to curl.

right here you can down load the root certificates.

Then you could use the CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER choice with proper in any other case you get an errors.

Had equal hassle – it changed into someplace in the ca certificate, so I used the choices ca package deal used for curl, and it worked. You can download the curl ca bundle here:

For encryption and security problems see this helpful article:

Here is the example:

Another method that works exceptional, at the least for debugging, is wget and exec() characteristic like under.

the “–no-take a look at-certificate” flag looks after any problems with terrible certs. Be cautious the use of this method in a production environment.

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