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If you would like to recognize wherein to buy Dogelon Mars, the choices pinnacle exchanges for buying and selling in Dogelon Mars are presently ZT, KuCoin,, Bitrue, and BitMart. You can locate others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

As you could recognise, I have dedicated my existence to ensuring that humanity becomes a multi-planetary species. This includes work on four front: interplanetary flight, terraforming the choices planet, sending settlers, and developing an interplanetary forex. I am excited to announce nowadays the launch of our leading edge in our challenge to Mars. The first interplanetary currency: Dogelon.

Technically, it is is a fork of Dogecoin, within the same experience that a knife is a fork of a spoon. I actually have named it after the capital town of Mars: Dogelon (said Dog-a-lon, now not Doge Elon because that could be arrogant). The ticker is Dogelon (ELON), which should help prevent any confusion. I am launching this foreign money nowadays, in anticipation of bringing the choices first settlers to Mars, for a totally unique motive: To assist human beings take the experience with me. A lot of correct people have hopes of one day achieving the Moon.

In my opinion, of route, that is a completely low aspiration. We want to reach Mars and past. However, lots of those suitable humans are rugged, or buy scam tokens that can't be bought. For this cause, the choices Dogelon network pledges to send tokens through the years to victims of rugs and scams, in order that the choices worst day of their trading lifestyles can be was their exceptional. And after a while, they will be able to be part of us on our everyday flights to Mars….

If you would really like to shop for Dogelon Mars, the choices pinnacle exchanges for trading in Dogelon Mars charge pairs are presently KuCoin, Uniswap (V2),, Poloniex, LBank, Uniswap (V3), ShibaSwap, BitForex, BitMart, Hotbit, Bitrue, 1inch Exchange, ZT and BKEX.

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