Crypto ichimoku settings

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Trading Strategy with Fibonacci Extensions. Cryptocurrency Margin Trading on Binance.

Loving the movies guy, if those stop me getting rekt unwell deffinately tip!

am i able to use these settings for forex market too (20, 30, one hundred twenty, 60) ?

I've attempted these settings for some weeks. It hasn't labored out too nicely. By the time chikou span is going beneath the choices kumo, the choices fee might've long gone up and never come lower back. And once I vicinity my prevent losses the charge might catch it and reverse.

It's been irritating.

while doubling the choices settings, would the choices time cycles work?

Just see a person recommending your motion pictures for ichimoku. I will begin checking these new values for me

Just visible you on Jack's flow closing night. Really appreciate you sharing all this difficult-found out info. Looks like a honestly useful indicator now that I've a few idea the way to study it and what settings to use and why. Thanks pal.

Hi Josh, I became wondering if your settings have changed because you made this video. Do you (still) use the choices 20/60/120/30 setting on all timeframes? Or do you use different settings on lower timeframes like 1h and 30m?

Hi Josh, can you vicinity a long trade with all the key things and with a bull KT go beneath the choices cloud?

Hey Josh, I'm currently engaging in some research on the Ichimoku strategy and you appear to be the choices first person to say the choices 20/60/a hundred and twenty/30 settings which are now the consensus amongst crypto buyers. Did you come up with them?

Did myself a touch cloud reviewing this morning. Good to research extra approximately the choices purpose for the settings. Great stuff. Thx Josh!

Is there a quantitative definition for TK disequilibrium?

In your article you assert you use the unique settings for smaller cap alts, correct?

Question what type of setting might you use for futures dealer example OIL Futures CL contracts it trades from Sunday 6pm to Friday

hello josh! love the material you have on your channel, very informative. i’ve one question, when searching at a chart for a coin, the BTC chart compared to a USDT chart may be very different. what do you endorse we use when trading?

you look like Chad Mendes

are these settings nonetheless properly?

Great video guy. Am curious approximately what your mind are on VWAP by way of assessment?

My Ichi settings and cloud appearance very different on Tradingview vs MT4. So that is the right sign? They are each “basically” the equal – but if I want the 100% 4-for-4 ichi sign – it's unique. Is Tradingview faster than MT4? I alternate off MT4 so shouldn't that be my final sign?

what first-class settings for Votality Index ?

do you mind explaining how to alter the clouds displacement x2??

Thank you for posting Ichimoku gaining knowledge of films

hi there mate wanted to ask. Lets say youre trading based totally on the choices Tenkan Kijun Cross method. There are a few events while the tenkan crosses above the choices Kijun after which the rate rally but you havent promote them motive the tenkan hasnt cross beneath the kijun. So you wait and turns out whilst it does pass under, the choices charge dropped near your shopping for degree. Whats the answer for this? Like you have to have bought it at its height however instead you waited and simplest get 2-3% of earnings.

hahaa he says it will increase worthwhile trades due to the fact your tenkan and kijun are to date aside you get the crosses way too late?

When you assert that conversion and base lines are a spinoff of EMA you already know that EMA make the common of all of the ultimate costs of the duration while conversion and base traces simplest take the very best high and the bottom low of the choices period, right? Also, I didn't recognize the reasoning in the back of the time frame choosing relying on the index. For instance if it’s far foreign exchange which is 9 to 5 (8hours) and only 5 days a week why you selected multiples of nine, 26 and fifty two?? Thank you

hi, how to set up an alert for ichimoku indicator? tenjan and kinjun (red and inexperienced) ?

Hi Josh, I use both TradingView and MT4, but on MT4 you best have the option of converting the choices parameters for the choices Tenkan, Kijun, and Senkou Span B. When I exchange the ones numbers to 20, 60 and 120 respectively, My Chikou Span finally ends up being 60 periods behind in place of 30. Do you realize what I can do to treatment this?

I didn't get the choices double factor?

Hi! Great paintings! What can I use to set alert approximately cloud crossing (not tradingview)? Thank you

Hi josh, please can you tell me which dealer you use for trade crypto? please send me details through mail [email protected]

whats yiur twitter name

Do you continue to use the doubled settings for Crypto? When might you advocate the usage of the singled settings?

Much a good deal liked, currently running brilliantly on TRX 👍

Hi Josh, splendid video. can I use this Ichimoku in inventory day or swing trading? If yes, which placing should I use single or double?

How do you set it up on tradingview?

could you simplest exit a trade if to procure a opposite TK go on the choices 4H? how approximately 1H?

might you exit trades whilst theres a big C-clamp? I discover C-clamps the hardest to exchange around.

Are these ichimoku parameters simplest correct for BTC on bitfinex 4hr? It seems like it. Let me know. Thanks for this video by means of the manner. Very beneficial!

Can someone inform me what access, re-access, go out sign, noise suggest and how exactly they’re related to this graph? The explanation wasn't excellent sufficient for me.

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