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12 August 2020 Lithium Australia company presentation 26 pages (five.8MB)

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12 July 2021 CHR – Becoming a huge holder from LIT 2 pages (1MB)

08 July 2021 LIT subsidiary VSPC dispatches cathode material to custom four pages (1.2MB)

01 July 2021 LIT and Charger Metals joint task & IPO update 5 pages (5MB)

30 June 2021 European Patent Office will grant patent to Lithium Aust 4 pages (214KB)

29 June 2021 Lithium Australia strengthens VSPC control 2 pages (172KB)

28 June 2021 Notice below phase 708(A)(five)(e) 1 pages (103KB)

28 June 2021 Application for citation of securities – LIT 6 pages (25KB)

10 June 2021 Greenbushes South Field Work Update 8 pages (942KB)

08 June 2021 Change of Director’s Interest Notice 2 pages (200KB)

03 June 2021 Letter to option holders – expiry of LITO 2 pages (327KB)

03 June 2021 LIT granted Australian patent for Li extraction technology 5 pages (344KB)

01 June 2021 LITCF holders pay unpaid capital raising $11k 1 pages (97KB)

01 June 2021 Notice under phase 708(A)(five)(e) and Appendix 2A 15 pages (365KB)

01 June 2021 Envirostream’s micronutrient 2021 subject trials commence three pages (817KB)

In the choices information

Lithium Australia sends off first batches of cathode fabric to capacity customers By Andrew Scott

Lithium Australia continuing to increase its battery era 01 July 2021 – Proactive Investors a busy week of information with foremost announcements inside 3 of its enterprise divisions. Today the choices business enterprise introduced it’s improved its joint venture with soon-to-be-listed Charger Metals with the choices latter workout its choice to collect a 70% stake in three of LIT’s battery metals belongings. They’ve also said that its first-technology LieNA® lithium processing era is set to be granted a patent from the European Patent Office.

Lithium Australia’s Envirostream boss discusses battery safety 24 June 2021 – Proactive Investors managing director of Lithium Australia NL‘s (ASX:LIT) (OTCMKTS:LMMFF) (FRA:3MW) subsidiary Envirostream solutions questions around the risks related to batteries and what regulations are presently in area to cope with them. He also outlines Envirostream’s solution on how the industry could deliver the change needed to assist manage the risks.

Lithium Australia talks the choices round economy of battery substances By Andrew Scott

Lithium Australia NL‘s (ASX:LIT) Adrian Griffin discusses with Proactive how they’re ‘closing the choices loop’ on the choices power-metal cycle. The company’s currently obtained a trendy patent ‘Certificate of Grant’ from IP Australia for its SiLeach® extraction generation for low-strength healing of lithium from micas – doubtlessly a brief-reduce within the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium Australia: Lithium is back and this agency is knee-deep in each part of the enterprise 15 June 2021 – 6PR, Bulls N’ Bears with Matt Birney

Listen to ASX-listed Lithium Australia Managing Director, Adrian Griffin speak to Matt Birney on the Bulls N’ Bears Report about the choices organization’s processing technology that just would possibly turn uneconomic lithium deposits into profitable initiatives.

Lithium Australia’s Envirostream talks expanded micronutrient discipline By Andrew Scott

Andrew Mackenzie, handling director of Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) (OTCMKTS:LMMFF) (FRA:3MW) subsidiary Envirostream, speaks to Proactive soon after starting off its extended field trial program for 2021, following successful trials closing year using recycled alkaline battery material as a fertiliser micronutrient. The increased program is concentrated on manganese-deficient soil types and will assess products based on high-quality results of the technique improvement for the choices separation of manganese from unmarried-use alkaline batteries.

Lithium Australia secures Australian patent for lithium extraction era 07 June 2021 – Proactive Investors soon after receiving a general patent ‘Certificate of Grant’ from IP Australia for its SiLeach® extraction era for low-power recuperation of lithium from micas – probably a short-cut inside the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. The technique can produce a variety of lithium chemicals, such as lithium carbonate and lithium phosphate (Li3PO4) which is the shortest route to the choices production of lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries and is likewise wonderful from an environmental, social and governance angle.

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